Turnkey Energy Solutions

Cummins Power Generation Nigeria (CPGNL) provides end to end Energy Solutions by offering full turnkey gas to power systems. CPGNL invest, own and maintain the full power solution allowing customers to focus on their core business.


Cummins Power Generation Nigeria owns and operates 14 captive and independent gas-fired power plants across Nigeria today, supplying electricity to various industries and distribution companies. An additional 6 power plants are under construction.


Cummins lean burn high-efficiency gas generators are the primary generating equipment and the additional balance of plant and switchgear are sourced from leading global suppliers.


Based on the customer requirements, space availability and expected power, our engineers suggest either a fully installed containerized solution or an open set generator room.


Our sites have bespoke designs as per factory outlay and customer demand including but not limited to the ventilation system, a jib crane provision for ease and speed of maintenance, mezzanine floors to house the exhaust silencers (fully lagged and cladded), radiator header tanks, coalescing gas filters and ventilation system over the power cabling.


For open-air location, we offer fully containerised generators called Power boxes. A weather and soundproof, 40 ft container houses generators as big as 2.00 MW.


Cummins Power Generation Nigeria also develops high voltage systems for grid-connected IPP stations. The cabling and electrical switchgear is highly specialized, consisting of all necessary protective switchgear, a complex substation to divert power and transform voltage as required by the distribution network and station auxiliary supply requirements, and full metering and analysis provisions.


All power stations are developed with a complete fire and gas detection and safety system, including redundancy features to ensure effective safety and prevention measures. The system is fully automated for emergency action and designed to offer the flexibility of either a complete gas supply shutdown or a cell-by-cell shutdown of each individual genset.

Cummins is a pioneer and industry leader in the design and manufacture of natural gas fired generator sets and a world leader in the provision of gas-based power generation solutions.


Cummins is internationally renowned as one of the world’s most reliable and efficient gas generator manufacturer. Cummins multi-turbo gas generators also distinguish themselves amongst competitor. Generator sets are designed to handle variable loads under island mode operations (off-grid)– appealing to heavy industries such as plastic and steel manufacturers whose load fluctuates across different shifts.