Sustainability at Cummins spreads further than simply delivering clean power – our work follows the guiding vision of Cummins: to make people's lives better.


We aim to do this through both our commercial offering; a clean and cost-effective power solution, as well as through our Foundation’s work. Cummins Power Generation Nigeria supports a wide array of local NGO’s, community health centres, schools and orphanages.


Moreover, we believe strongly in community development work in the areas around our power plants. Cummins Power Generation Nigeria not only hires and trains local employees across the country but also invests in core community services such as bore-wells, sanitation facilities, education centres and health clinics.


We have an active Sustainability Committee that meets every three months to review progress, allocate funds, work towards maximum social impact and get employees engaged and volunteering in the activities that we support.


As a corporate leader, we recognise a responsibility to help improve the communities in which our employees and communities work and live.


We believe sustainable thinking is not just good social ethics but also commercially sound as we invest for the long term – clean engines produce a better living environment, strict environmental emission standards lead to innovative and highly efficient generators and engaged employees strive to continually improve our services and savings to customers.




Cummins Power Generation Nigeria allocates a fixed proportion of profits each year to our foundation with the mandate to support less fortunate local communities and charities across Nigeria.


Our Foundation committee is run in a professional way to ensure the best social returns possible – we believe financial support is just one step towards positive social impact. Active management and engaged volunteers on site are critical success factors.

Employees frequently volunteer in activities such as painting & basic construction work, conducting tours around Lagos of heritage sites and cultural centres, musical performances and fun activities to engage the children.


Currently, Cummins Power Generation Nigeria supports five Lagos charities; Little Saints Orphanage, Motherless Babies Home, Heart of Gold Children’s Hospice, Primary Health Centre and Mankind Charity. All provide great work across Lagos; food, shelter, education, basic sanitation services, physiotherapy and medical services such as anti-cancer drugs and vaccinations to thousands of less privileged Lagos citizens.


Today more funding is being allocated towards the training of staff at existing centres to help drive long-term self-sufficiency.


Environmental Mission


Development does not implicitly mean more pollution. Cummins Power Generation Nigeria is committed to providing environmentally friendly sources of power to West Africa, enabling economic growth in conjunction with reducing the carbon footprint.


Firstly, all of our power plants run on natural gas, which is significantly more environmentally friendly than traditional liquid fuels such as diesel and HFO. Cummins Power Generation Nigeria was the pioneer in the Nigerian natural gas IPP market, championing natural gas as a clean and scalable solution for power generation. Today natural gas is a well-established alternative to conventional liquid fuels such as petrol and diesel and is fast gaining status as a primary fuel for power generation and industrial processes.


Despite holding Africa’s largest and the worlds ninth largest proven gas reserves with over 187 trillion cubic feet, Nigeria imports billions of dollars worth of refined oil every year and still flares a large volume of natural gas. Cummins Power Generation Nigeria is committed to bridge this gap and promote domestically sourced natural gas.  


Moreover, the design of our power plants incorporates technology that regulates frequency and voltage within strict tolerances. This reduces wear and tear of machinery, ensuring longer lasting equipment and reduced waste on disposal of obsolete items.

Cummins Combined Heat and Power (CHP) gas generator sets emit up to five times less nitrogen oxides than comparable diesel generator sets and near-zero particulate matter. Moreover, they offer a 48% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions compared to traditional steam turbine engines, delivering a highly efficient and environmentally sustainable energy solution.




Cummins Power Generation Nigeria follows strict corporate governance standards to ensure long-term sustainable growth and solid commercial policies. Our Board of Directors meet quarterly to review strategic direction and new investment opportunities – all decisions are made in consensus (super-majority rights).


Cummins Power Generation Nigeria has three committees; Investment, Audit & Remuneration and Governance (Social & Ethics) to set, monitor and enforce strict financial controls and fair policies across the organisation. The Board reviews quarterly progress and steers committee focus for the upcoming quarter. All committees are chaired by a board member and have active involvement from middle and senior management.


Cummins Power Generation Nigeria ensures domestic and international regulations, ranging from audit to safety, are met on time. We fully support the government’s Local Content Plan, which aims to add value to the Nigerian economy through the production of domestic goods and services, training and development of local manpower and investment in domestic infrastructure.