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CPP (Captive Power Plants),

Distributed Energy,

Solar-Gas Hybrid Plants, Combined Heat and Power

Nigeria´s Leading Independent Power Producer (IPP)

Cummins Power Generation Nigeria, part of Fortune 500 Cummins Inc., is the nation’s leading independent power producer, specialising in natural gas fired, full responsibility IPP energy solutions.


With an installed capacity of over 100 MWs under IPP model and PPAs signed for another 350 MWs across West Africa, Cummins Power Generation Nigeria has a proven track record as well as a strong growth platform.

Largest Fleet of Gas Generators in Nigeria

Cummins Power Generation Nigeria is the nation’s leading independent power producer (IPP) and gas generator supplier. Cummins has the largest fleet of gas generators installed in Nigeria (over 240 MW) and is growing fast, with contracts for an additional 350 MW.

We are proud to have the best gas generator after-sales service in Nigeria, delivering over 99% power availability across all Cummins operated sites. Cummins is committed to delivering excellent service whilst also reducing customer energy costs and plant emissions.

Our Offering

Why Cummins?


“ Our Coca-Cola factories across Nigeria operate on Cummins power – they not only use co-generation technology which is very efficient and environmentally friendly but also have saved us approximately $5 million per annum operating on gas instead of diesel generators.”

“Cummins Power Generation Nigeria exceeded my expectations – it is truly an excellent outsourced service. My electricity bill is lower each month, I have no investment in capital or people to run an energy centre and I get reliable power.”

“The Cummins Nigeria team is very professional and have the correct approach to doing business – I have enjoyed working with them very much and had smooth electricity for the past 3 years.”

“Outsourcing our power requirements and focusing on our core business activity has been one of our best business decisions. Even though our factory is not connected to a gas pipeline,Cummins Power Gensourced CNG through their Powergas, providing our facilities with cheaper and cleaner power.”