Gas Supply

To provide a complete turnkey solution, constant and reliable supply of gas is vital. CPGNL further assists customers in securing the right quantity of gas at right terms from the piped gas supplier(s) in case the customer is close to the piped gas network.


For customers who are not connected to the piped gas network, CPGNL has partnered with Power Gas Nigeria Limited for the supply of CNG and LNG. Power Gas Nigeria offers virtual gas pipeline. Power Gas Nigeria has various CNG conversion plants at key strategic locations covering South, South East, South West and now the middle belt of Nigeria.


The piped natural gas is converted into compressed natural gas at the CNG conversion plants and transported through specialised CNG Tube Skids to the power plants. Power Gas Nigeria has a fleet of over 100 CNG Skids. Each skid carries enough CNG to keep 1 MW power plant running for almost  24 hours on a continuous basis.