Cummins Power Generation Nigeria Limited (CPGNL) is Nigeria’s largest gas-fired private captive power producer and expanding into one of the country’s largest independent power producers (IPP).


CPGNL was founded in 2009 to address the severe electricity problems in Nigeria. Plagued with unreliable grid-connected power and expensive, environmentally polluting diesel back up generation. CPGNL provides clean, reliable and cost-effective gas-fired electricity. Our customer base ranges from industries requiring a 1 MW captive plant to large 300 MW grid-connected plants.

CPGNL is a joint venture company between Africa Energy Holdings, a leading investor in African energy with over 20 years experience in Nigeria, and Cummins Inc, a $19 Billion Fortune 500 organisation with over 55,000 employees worldwide that is synonymously known for quality.


Cummins is a pioneer and industry leader in the design and manufacture of natural gas-fired generator sets and a world leader in the provision of power generation solutions.


CPGNL is best known in the Nigerian market for reliability – we guarantee up to 99% power availability with financial penalties for non-performance. Moreover, CPGNL is able to deliver on this level of reliable power due to our joint ‘Group’ structure with Cummins Energy Solutions Nigeria, the exclusive Cummins gas distributor & aftermarket operator in Nigeria, and Powergas Africa, Nigeria’s largest compressed natural gas (CNG) producer& distributor.


Today Cummins Power Generation Nigeria owns & operates 14 gas-fired power plants across Nigeria with an installed capacity of over 100 MW. Over the past several years, CPGNL has gained a strong understanding of the key success drivers in operating power plants in Nigeria and invested heavily in service and after-market support. Today we are in a strong position to scale with PPAs signed for 350MW of new plants across West Africa and are a trusted partner of both industries and distribution companies.


In response to the demand for even more cheaper and cleaner energy, CPGNL has partnered with Soventix Hybrid Limited to provide Solar-Gas Hybrid Solution in West Africa. This solution is highly efficient and reliable as the roof space is used for solar installation and Cummins Gas Generators are synchronised with the solar system to provide reliable, continuous and cleaner power.  Customers save on fuel cost for the power that is generated through solar.



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